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New-Builds Tables
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US and Canadian Freight Car Deliveries

This page is dedicated to an ongoing historical project that identifies and quantifies the deliveries of freight cars to U.S. and Canadian operators. Contributions are welcome and encouraged from readers. Contributed data needs to include:

* Car reporting marks and specific number
* Build date
* Builder
* Car type (description in colloquial terms or AAR car type code)
* Stencilled design capacity and/or length


  • The tables are "working" tables - always in progress.
  • The Yellow highlights indicate additions or changes since the previously published table.
  • The tables should be thought of as a starting point for roster research.
  • The original single table was getting unwieldy and I am now breaking the deliveries down into decades. 
  • Note that the 1990-1999 and 1980-1989 tables are in a different format (adapted from the publication Freight Car News).
  • We appreciate additions and corrections. Please post on the railroadcarhistory yahoo list.
  • Note the year shown in the year column is the year of the earliest known build date only.
  • A few series use check digits in the road numbers. These are noted in the description column.

Freight Car Books in Print

21st Century (2000-Present):

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20th Century (1980-1999):

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Tables updated 01 May 2016 

Over One Million cars identified